Cottage Gudungen is a cottage in the archipelago in Raseborg, Finland. Here you can relax by the sea, enjoy the sauna and go swimming and fishing!

It is possible to rent the fully furnished cottage for a week, or even for several months, during the summer months (June to August).

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Cottage Gudungen on Ådö island in Raseborg, Finland, is a typical finnish kesämökki – or summer cottage in the archipelago. Here you come to connect with nature and listen to the sounds of silence. Cottage life in Finland means slow living and being one with nature (read more about the finnish tradition of mökkielämä on

Fully furnished

Cottage Gudungen is fully furnished and equipped with everything you need to enjoy the Finnish cottage life. The cottage is 60m² and consists of two bedrooms (each sleeps 2), a living room, a kitchen, a sauna and a patio. In the kitchen there is a gas stove, a gas fridge and in the living room a wood-burning stove.

There is no electricity on Ådö island, however, there is a solar panel on the roof of the cottage, so you can charge your phone and turn on the lights in the evening. There is  no running water in the cottage either, so you use rain water from barrels behind the cottage for doing dishes and laundry.


As Finland is the land of one million saunas,  there is, of course, a sauna in cottage Gudungen.  In the sauna there is a wood-burning sauna stove and you carry your water to the sauna for bathing from the rain barrels behind the cottage, After enjoying the sauna, a dip in the sea is a must!


As there is no plumming in cottage Gudungen, there is a pikkula next to the cottage. A pikkula is a dry, composting toilet, in other words an outhouse. The pikkula is a cozy place, and in addition, very  environmental friendly as you can also dispose of your bio-waste in it.

Rowing boat and fishing

At the cottage there is a rowing boat at your disposal, and you can use it for going fishing.  There are life jackets and fishing rods for you to use in the cottage. Dig up worms and use for bait!

Other things to note

No pets are allowed at cottage Gudungen.

If you don’t want to overpack, you can rent both bed linens and towels from us!

As there is no running water on Ådö, you  need to bring your own drinking water with you to the cottage


Places to visit nearby (reachable by boat)

 Sandis ca 6km, grocery shop and café, fuel for sale

Jussarö ca 8 km, local sight

Barösund ca 10 km, grocery shop, restaurant, café, fuel for sale


Read more about Ådö island


The woody Ådö island (59°53’34.7″N 23°39’38.7″E) is located on the border between the inner and the outer archipelago. There are 12 cottages on the northern part of Ådö, the southern part consists of cliffs with a view over the open sea, perfect for sunbathing and picnics.

You can only get to Ådö by boat, as it is an island. Ådö is situated approximately 6 km by boat from Box harbor. The harbour is a 20 minutes drive from Ekenäs (Tammisaari) by car, and a 35 minutes drive from Karis (Karjaa). The closest places that you can rent a boat are Box harbour and Tammisaaren kaupunginhotelli.


Prices and how to book the cottage 


For bookings and more information: e-mail: booking[a], phone number: +358 504637272.

Bookings for summer 2020 starts in January 2020.

Acquaint yourself with our terms & conditions policy  here


How to get to Ådö island

You can only get to Ådö by boat. You can come to Ådö with your own boat (or a rental boat, or by taxi boat).  The closest places that you can rent a boat are Box harbour and Tammisaaren kaupunginhotelli.

In the summer 2020 we are unfortunately not able to offer boat taxi services to and from the cottage, due to the corona virus situation.


Booking calendar

The calendar shows available/booked weeks for Cottage Gudungen.